How Can You Add a Final Green Touch to Your Print Communications? Choose a Sustainable, Recyclable Coating

Sustainability. We live it, we breathe it all day long. That’s why it’s important that you work with your Print Partner to produce print communications that are eco-engineered to minimize your carbon footprint.

At EarthColor, we start with eco-friendly paper, certified to meet international standards (FSC®, SFI® and PEFC™), offering you partial or completely recycled content. We even have alternative-fiber paper made from 60% wheat-straw waste. We print with soy-based inks that emit low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and coatings with little or no VOCs. That’s important since VOCs contribute to air pollution, so the lower the percentage present in inks and coatings, the better it is for the environment.

Of course, when it comes to coatings, the best and greenest choice is to go with no coating at all. However, if you need to protect your print communications from scuffs or scratches to ensure durability, or you want to add more pop with a glossy or textured finish to promote your products, we have several sustainable coating options for you.

  • Aqueous Coatings offer the next best solution, providing durability and finish to enrich ink colors. They are water-based, water-soluble and typically made from cellulose-based material, adding no VOCs. Best of all, they are completely recyclable.
  • UV Coatings provide a range of low-to-high glossy effects and protection to add the excitement you want. They contain low levels of VOCs and have a low toxic signature. Because they are photo-chemically cured, not air cured, less energy is needed to dry them. They are also recyclable.
  • Scodix SENSE™ coatings are made of clear polymers that provide high-gloss, textured or dimensional effects. Because they are applied in a digital printing environment, there are no VOCs or chemical additives. Scodix is a non-toxic choice that is recyclable up to 50% coverage. Note: Full, flood-coat coverage in effect seals print in a plastic film that is not recyclable.

Before you can determine which recyclable coating is best for your print project, you need to examine all of the factors. What are your marketing objectives? What look, feel and impact do you want to achieve? What are the financial, supply chain and LCA (life cycle assessment) considerations? At EarthColor, we work in partnership with our clients, their design agencies and their production staff, as well as with supply chain and distribution channels to balance all of these factors with a shared commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

As additional sustainable coating solutions emerge to provide that final green touch for your print communications, we will continue to partner with you to identify the right choice to protect and promote your project as well as the environment. It’s our commitment to you and to the planet we share.

To learn more about our sustainability initiatives and EarthColor’s partnership with several environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs) to protect the Earth and promote sustainability, check out our 2015-2016 Sustainability Report. If you’re interested in receiving a copy, please fill out the form here.

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