The Battle for Planet Earth’s Old Forests – 10 Ways You Can Join the Fight with EarthColor & Canopy

It’s been six years since EarthColor began our partnership with Canopy, the award-winning environmental non-government organization (ENGO) whose mission is to fight for the protection and conservation of the world’s forests, species and climates. Since then, hundreds of paper product manufacturers and customers have joined us in the fight to protect our forests. The first line of defense has been to strengthen our resolve to use and promote environmentally sound procurement policies and to commit to sourcing “greener,” more sustainable products and materials.

The forefront of Canopy’s current fight is focused on strategic actions to protect and preserve ancient and endangered forest ecosystems around the world, including ones on our own continent. The 2015-2016 EarthColor Sustainability Report spotlights three hot spots where Canopy is currently working to preserve endangered ecosystems.

  • The Great Bear Rainforest: Old Growth, Coastal Temperate Forests of the Pacific Northwest. This area is the largest track of unspoiled temperate coastal rainforest left in the world. Legislation in British Columbia is in place to ensure that up to 70% of the region is protected from logging and development. Next step: the endangered forests of nearby Vancouver Island.
  • Broadback Forest: Quebec, Canada. In need of protection: 21,000 square km (5.1 million acres) of Canada’s Boreal Forest, a thriving ecosystem of old growth spruce and pine forests and home to the Cree First Nations community, endangered caribou herds and numerous forest-dependent species. This forest is part of the last intact Boreal Forest in the province of Quebec. Legislation has been proposed to protect it.
  • Leuser Ecosystem: Sumatra, Indonesia. This critical forest region is a buffer zone of more than 2.3 million hectares (6.4 million acres) and one of the richest tropical rainforests remaining in Southeast Asia. It is the last place the Sumatra elephant, rhinoceros, tiger, and orang-utan can be found in one area. It is currently in danger from development and nearby industrial activity.

10 ways you can join in the fight to further long term solutions and win the battle for the earth’s forests.

  1. Join one of several customer initiatives offered by Canopy to further recognize and promote the protection of the Great Bear Rainforest Initiative at
  2. Reinforce the commitment of the Quebec government to protect Canada’s Boreal Forest by letting them know that you support their efforts.
  3. Contact Canopy [add link] directly to learn how you can best support the protection of the Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia.
  4. Know where your paper and paper products are sourced to ensure they are not coming from old growth or endangered forests.
  5. Step up your use of sustainably managed, FSC, SFI or PEFC-certified paper and paper products.
  6. Explore the use of low carbon, special paper made from agricultural residue, such as wheat straw paper.
  7. Source paper from Canopy’s list of Ancient Forest Friendly Paper and display their logo on your printed products.
  8. Make sure all of your suppliers adhere to sound environmental practices and policies.
  9. Purchase carbon offset credits to reduce your carbon footprint.
  10. Recycle or reuse paper product waste from your manufacturing and office locations.

If you want to learn more about the many campaigns Canopy spearheads to fight for the preservation and protection of the world’s forests, species and climates, as well as its many specific environmental missions, visit

Our work with Canopy is one example of how EarthColor partners with environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs) to protect the Earth and promote sustainability. You will find others highlighted in our 2015-2016 Sustainability Report. If you’re interested in receiving a copy, please fill out the form here.

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