The Dynamic Duo – Pairing Mail and Mobile Technology for Discounts

Who would have thought that pairing direct mail and mobile technology could result in discounts from the USPS? It sounds too good to be true, but some marketers may not be aware that the USPS offers different promotions year round. In fact, they have been doing so for the past several years.

These promotions were created in an effort to offer businesses incentives and discounts for using innovative strategies that help recipients engage with their brand and foster long-term growth. For example, here are three current promotions you can be a part of:

Emerging and Advanced Technology

Promotion Period: June 1st – November 30th

Registration Period: March 15th – November 30th

The Emerging and Advanced Technology promotion offers a 2% postage discount on mail pieces that use Near Field Communication (NFC) and other advanced print technology that allow recipients to have an interactive experience with the mailer. The mail piece must link directly to a mobile optimized website.

Mail pieces must be first-class mail presort and automation letters, cards, flat Standard Mail letters and nonprofit standard mail letters. The promotion was created to encourage businesses to combine mail with technology in an integrated marketing strategy.

Click here for promotion requirements.

Mail Drives Mobile Engagement

Promotion Period: July 1st – December 31st

Registration Period: May 15th – December 31st

The Mail Drives Mobile Engagement promotion allows businesses to obtain a 2% postage discount on standard mail pieces that contain a mobile barcode or other print/mobile technology that can be scanned by a mobile device and leads to a mobile-optimized shopping website. This only applies to Standard Mail letters, nonprofit Standard Mail letters, and flats.

The intended purpose is to promote your brand and increase sales with an integrated, multi-touch campaign. Additionally, the barcode or other mobile-enabled technology must lead to a website that allows a consumer to make a purchase.

Click here for promotion requirements.

Color Transpromo Promotion

Promotion Period: June 1st – November 30th

Registration Period: April 15 – November 30th

The Color Transpromo Promotion offers a 2% postage discount on mail pieces that use variable color messaging on bills or statements. They must include a marketing message that will increase engagement and be first-class mail commercial letters that are IMb® Full Service mailing.

The intended purpose of this promotion is to push mailers to invest in color print technology and discover unique ways to use color in transactional mail as a revenue opportunity.

Click here for promotion requirements.

These promotions have been carefully crafted to provide businesses enough time to plan a campaign. So you still have time to take advantage of some of these promotions! Please note that each promotion requires registration. If you want to learn more about registration for these current promotions click here.

Find out how readers can find out about future promotions. How does the USPS market the promotions?

Have you tried using any of these promotions or one of their prior promotions? Comment below and tell us how it went.

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