5 Ways to Energize Your Print Pieces

Are you brainstorming ideas for new marketing pieces to send out to your clients or prospects? Whether it’s for an event that your company is hosting, a new product/service launch, or a discount/promotion, you need to develop a print piece that stands out and is going to have that “wow” effect on your customers.

You’re in luck because crafting creative print collateral will increase your response rates. This dynamic channel enables you to produce ingenious pieces that can result in a successful marketing campaign. Take the direct mail campaign produced by Heineken. If you’re looking to create something captivating for your audience then there are certain effects that you can apply to your print pieces to create that result.

We’ve developed a list of ideas that make a difference and will help your print pieces stand out from the crowd:

1. Add an enhancement

Adding enhancements to your print pieces is a great way to capture your audience’s attention. Some enhancements include: liquid metal, die cuts, Soft Touch® and Scodix SENSETM. If you’re looking to add a glamorous, metallic touch to your print piece, we suggest you try liquid metal. But if you’re looking to add a silky smooth velvety feel, we recommend that you add Soft Touch® to your print piece. With die cuts, you can create intricate cuts within the print piece to make them distinct, and Scodix SENSETM adds unique textures to printed materials. You can promote interaction with your pieces by adding scent applications, scratch offs, advent reveal windows and tip on cards. Each enhancement is unique and adds character to a mail piece, and you’re sure to be noticed.

2. Use a unique fold type

Your audience is expecting that bi-fold brochure or that postcard you’ve been sending. There are many other ways to fold a print piece, so we suggest using a different fold type. Beyond a bi-fold piece, you have a tri-fold, a gatefold, a four-panel fold, a double gatefold, a Z-fold and so many more. By visiting the websites Pinterest and Fold Factory, you can see unique fold types and creative designs. On Fold Factory’s YouTube channel, Trish Witkowski posts a video of a new fold every week.

3. Personalize and Customize it

Personalization and customizations are fantastic ways to address your audience in a targeted way. Once you personalize your piece with a name, you can customize imagery, text, and colors by their interest, culture, or specific language. According to an article titled Print Marketing will thrive in 2014 and beyond, “It takes more effort to customize print media than digital. Accordingly, the audience feels special because of what is a personal touch often lacking in traditional print marketing.” 

If you’re interested in learning more about personalized communications, click here.

4. PURLs

Speaking of personalization, PURLs are personal URLs that are unique to the customer and will lead to a specific landing page that’s personalized. This requires additional work on the backend but is an efficient marketing technique that gives marketers the ability to monitor responses and online traffic.

5. Social

Don’t forget about social media! Social media has truly changed how people interact with brands and perceive them. Each campaign will vary, but we highly suggest you include your company’s social media icons on your print pieces. A hashtag on your print piece is a great way to interact with your customers and ask them to engage with you. If you’re not convinced about using hashtags, we recently posted a blog that explains why they are a useful marketing technique to add to your print campaign.

As you develop your next print marketing campaign, be sure to consider these ideas in your creative thought process. One concept from the list above will make a big difference to your campaign.

We want to hear from you! What type of “extras” do you add to your print campaigns?

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