9 Reasons Why Print Should Remain a Part of Your Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

If you work in marketing, then you are very familiar with the term “multi-channel marketing”. Hubspot describes it as “communicating with and marketing to prospects and customers across many channels, including online and offline.” As marketers, we are aware that online channels include web, social media, and email, and offline channels include radio ads, television ads, telemarketing, and print.

Our focus today is actually not on multi-channel marketing, but on print. A recent study suggests that when people actually talked about multi-channel marketing, they referred to multi-channel digital marketing and did not include offline channels. The research indicated that marketers were “integrating web commerce, email, social media, call centers, and other primarily digital channels”. No offline channels, and no print.

Why aren’t companies considering print as a valuable and effective channel? Even though we live in the digital era, print is still impactful in ways that digital technology is not. We are strong believers in the effectiveness of print and we’ve gathered a few facts about print that you should consider:

  1. 70% of Americans say mail is more personal than the internet, SourceStack-of-Mail-3-000001487570_Large
  2.  48% of people retain direct mail for future reference, Source
  3. Direct mail elicits response rates of 1.1 to 1.4% vs. 0.04% for Internet display ads, that is 35 times more effective, Source
  4. 50% of U.S. consumers prefer direct mail to email, Source
  5.  92% of young shoppers say they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions, Source
  6. 56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing, Source
  7. Of 9,000 people surveyed, 32% prefer to be contacted by direct mail, more than through any other medium, Source
  8. 83% of people say that direct mail is easier to process/understand than email, Source
  9.  72% of people who received direct mail made purchases online, Source

The facts reveal the truth. In this digital era, print is still very effective. If you’re thinking of developing a multi-channel marketing campaign, be sure to include print in your overall strategy!

Do you include print in your multi-channel strategies? We’d like to hear from you! Comment below!

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