4 Colors that are Sure to Catch your Client’s Attention

Color plays an important role in our lives. Colors have all kinds of psychological associations and meanings to them and at a very young age, we begin to determine how we feel about colors based upon our experiences. Kate Smith, an internationally recognized color expert, states “the psychology of colors has a profound impact on the choices we make consciously, unconsciously, and subconsciously based on your instantaneous reaction to the color.”

What does that mean for branding and marketing purposes? Don’t fret – even though everyone has their own interpretation on colors, different tints and shades still have an influence on the general public. A study, Impact of Color on Marketing, revealed that about 62 – 90% of people’s assessments of a brand or product were based on the colors utilized.

It is crucial to be selective about the colors you choose for your brand or marketing campaigns. We’ve compiled a list of the top 4 colors that catch consumer’s eyes!

1.     Red

colors - pencilsThere’s no question as to why red catches a consumer’s eye. It has the highest wavelength on the visible spectrum, 620–750 nm, making it the easiest color to see. On top of being the most visible color, red has strong psychological associations. The color red creates a sense of urgency, speeding up the heart rate and increasing feelings of excitement. It’s no coincidence that you find red in a variety of important objects like fire trucks, stop signs and several big fast-food chain logos (i.e. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Chick-fil-a, just to name a few.) These things are screaming, “look at me!”

2.     Black

Black is another important color to consider for your marketing, especially if you want to be looked at as a ‘luxury’ brand. Black is the ‘absence of light’ and absorbs light. Black is the color of sophistication – it’s mysterious, glamorous, and goes with just about anything. It has the psychological association with power, and projects to your clientele your expertise and knowledge..

3.     Orange

With a wavelength almost that of red, you aren’t going to overlook this vibrant color. Orange represents energy, happiness and optimism. It encourages spontaneity, and according to empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com,“The color orange relates to social communication, stimulating two way conversations” – the perfect color choice to open conversation in a mail piece.

4.     Blue

Blue is the most calming color on the list, and it is included because it gives people a sense of dependability. Blue is strong, but not too bold. If you want to make your consumer feel comforted and at ease, use blue. It is scientifically known to reduce stress. According to empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com, “blue relates to one-to-one communication, especially communication using the voice – speaking the truth through verbal self-expression – it is the teacher, the public speaker.”

Who knew that colors had such an impact on how messages are perceived? We’d like to hear from you. Which one of these colors best fits the message you are trying to send your audience? Or, have you applied a different color to your brand and marketing campaigns? Please comment below!



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