Print Tip of the Month – Full Utilization of a Press Sheet can Yield Cost Savings

Communications is key

The baseball game is tied and it’s the bottom of the 9th. You’re standing in right field and then the batter hits a ball that’s heading towards center/right field. You rush to catch the ball without calling “ball.” Meanwhile, the center fielder is also rushing towards the ball and then “BAM!” The batter ends up getting a home run and your team just lost the game.

Everyone has heard the saying, “Communication is Key.” In the baseball game example, we can see why communication was definitely necessary. Did you ever stop to think that it’s just as important to communicate when working with your print partner? Lack of communication with your print partner can lead to missed opportunities and alternatives that can enhance your print project and, essentially help you win the game.

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed a 3-step preplanning process that illustrates the benefits of discovering potential opportunities and alternatives. A good example of discovering potential opportunities is communicating and planning with your printer to fully utilize an entire press sheet.

Print tip of the month

Ensuring that you’re utilizing the entire press sheet may seem minor, but the truth is, it could actually make a huge difference. And this huge difference is exactly why we decided to make this our Print Tip of the Month.

Collaborate - press sheetYou don’t have to be a press sheet expert – leave that to your print partner. You print partner has a team that can examine your print project and determine whether any modifications can and should be made. One single press sheet can be costly depending on the type you’ve selected. But, if you’re able to get more print collateral from one press sheet by simply “tweaking” the format or layout, then not only do you save on costs but you also get more print collateral per sheet!

In one case, our print experts here at EarthColor removed half an inch from one of our client’s brochure, which enabled them to print more brochures per sheet and achieve up to 10% in cost savings! Who knew that half an inch could make such a difference? Next time you’re collaborating and preplanning your print project, ask print partner how you can fully utilize a press sheet.

Have you done this on a print project before? We’d love to hear from you, share your story in the comments below.

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