Collaborate and Preplan: The Key to a Successful Print Partnership

Collaborate and preplan

We can all agree that collaboration is critical in developing successful marketing campaigns. Every marketer’s goal is to create a dynamic, data-driven and multi-touch campaign that achieves high response rates. Collaboration enables members to share and discuss ideas that work best to achieve that goal. 

At EarthColor we believe that collaboration works just the same when preplanning a print project. Marketers should meet up front with their printer to review their project’s goals and tactics and analyze the project and see how they can produce it in the best manner possible. The preplanning process is also a very crucial segment for both the printer and the marketer as it can reveal gaps, opportunities for improvement, or alternatives that can yield savings. At EarthColor, we use a process that is simple and is completed in 3 easy steps.

Collaborate and preplanEarthColor’s preplan process

  1. Understanding your goals

The first step is to understand our client’s business goals. Once we have clarified the goals, we discuss details of their project such as the paper size, paper stock, page count, and design. Our team works hard to understand our client’s expectations.

  1. Making some adjustments

Now the fun starts for our team. We examine our client’s project to see if there are any adjustments that can be made to yield savings, increase client’s revenue, and increase response rates. In some cases, we have helped our clients better utilize paper availability and press equipment through the preplan process.

  1. Presenting the benefits

Once we have identified opportunities that enhance the project, we present our ideas to the client including the benefits they will see by making the adjustments. For instance in one case, we offered to trim half an inch from a brochure so that the client could utilize paper to it’s fullest which helped them achieve a more efficient layout, reduce waste, and reduce overall costs.

Getting started

David Rayburn, President of EarthColor Houston says, “Every concept presents us with an opportunity to take advantage of cost savings, you just have to sit down and review it.” EarthColor’s preplanning process is easy for clients. When we spend the time up front to collaborate and look into our clients’ projects, our team often finds unexpected ways to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of their project.

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