Why we Love Print Enhancements (And you should too!)

Achieving high responses

Have you come across print enhancements aprintnd seen something that attracted your attention? A common question asked by clients is, “how do we make our print communications stand out?” Print enhancements are an important way to develop an effective marketing campaign that achieves high response rates. After all, achieving high response rates is the underlying goal of your marketing campaign.

According to a neuroscientific research study, unlike online communication, which is primarily sight and sound driven, printed materials offer a variety of sensory experiences. Additionally, printed materials provide sensations related to the paper itself such as texture, color, and weight and when combined with other enhancements, sales increase by 18%.

Marketers are always looking for ways to catch their customer’s attention. We would like to highlight 4 of the top print enhancements that our clients are utilizing to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Print enhancements

  • Liquid Metal– A 100% opaque enhancement that is very similar to “old fashion engraving”. It gives offset and coated surfaces a shimmering appearance and creates a brilliant effect that does not lose its luster.
  • Die cutting – A structural enhancement that allows you to cut paper and create unique design elements such as custom shapes, pop ups, and reveal windows.
  • Soft Touch – A silky, satin feel type of enhancement. This is a special coating that allows for a luxurious sophisticated look that combines velvety softness for a tactile appeal.
  • Scodix SENSETM– A state of the art print enhancement technology that adds unique textures to printed materials. This is done through a clear polymer layer that is printed onto print pieces and creates three-dimensional effects.

Print enhancements can be extremely compelling and noteworthy to customers. After all, you are competing for your customer’s attention. Why not make your brand stand out by adding one of the enhancements above?

Love print enhancements? Let us know what your favorite print enhancements are and what you love most about them in the comments below!

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