High-Quality and Time Sensitive Direct Mail Pieces in your Customer’s Mailbox

The essence of time

There’s never enough time in a single day. And in the workplace, we are constantly up against the clock –whether we’re trying to beat short deadlines or arrive on time at scheduled appointments, we are always thinking of time. When you’re building a marketing campaign, time is especially important because there are so many factors involved. Targeting the right audience, coordinating the elements of the program, hitting an in home date, and bringing it on budget are just a few. Additionally, working with an external vendor can heighten time concerns further.

Marketers need a solution that takes care of their direct mail pieces without the stress of deadlines. An inline imaging and finishing printing system can take care of that and so much more.

Time sensitive printing

Inline imaging and finishing provides a unique print and mail service that can produce, sort, and drop millions of print pieces per day on one machine and in one single operation. That means printing your direct mail pieces through this process can save money, movement of materials, and most importantly, time.

The inline imaging and finishing printing system combines the exceptional quality of traditional offset printing with the flexibility of variable data digital printing. As a result, personalized, time sensitive print pieces are delivered straight to your customer’s mailbox. The graphic below illustrates how this process works.

inline imaging

Time issue solved

In the real world, there are some things we simply cannot control, but in the printing world we have inline imaging and finishing to help simplify how you produce and deliver your marketing communications. As a marketer, you can rest assured that your direct mail pieces have been printed and mailed without having to worry about time.

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