Effective Patient Marketing Directs Multiple Touch Points

Marketing to patients continues to evolve with multiple touch points and sources of influence. Patients have come to expect communications to reflect their individual needs – personal challenges, gender, age, communities, and interests. Patients constantly research information about their health through various mediums – on the web, in magazines, and on TV. A successful marketing plan has to cross multiple media types and adapts to an individual’s changing needs and preferences.

From e-mail to call center traffic and direct mail, every CRM touch must be part of a personalized feedback loop that continually adapts to, and delivers on, an individual’s changing needs and preferences, all the while remaining secure and HIPAA-compliant. Patient marketing must consider lifetime patient value and market accordingly. When a campaign element is not delivering the expected results, strategies and tools must be nimble enough to be adapted quickly to work effectively within the mix. It requires that every touch point enhances the patient experience, gathers and incorporates additional information, and fosters patient adherence and brand loyalty.

EarthColor Pharmaceutical Marketing Services is a technology and data enhancement leader practiced at leveraging data streams to deliver highly personalized, integrated patient communications. Learning from each touch is used to help craft the next—and the one after that— making succeeding touches even more effective.

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