Canopy & EarthColor: Partnering to Preserve and Protect Forest Lands

In 2009 EarthColor began partnering with Canopy, an award winning environmental not-for-profit organization dedicated to conserving and protecting the world’s forests, species and climates. Canopy began to collaborate with the world’s biggest buyers of paper products to create awareness about paper sourced from the world’s endangered forests and to encourage alternatives to ancient forest fibre.

According to Canopy Senior Campaigner Neva Murtha, “Today, Canopy works with hundreds of the forest industry’s largest customers, helping to shape their purchasing policies for a variety of forest products and providing them with the knowledge they need to meet their business goals while contributing to forest protection.”

Both Canopy and EarthColor understand that business leaders can be a powerful force for environmental change. Our collaboration attests to the assertion that large printers in North America can play an active and vital role in facilitating meaningful change, while also serving as a model for corporate/environmental non-profit collaboration. With Canopy’s guidance, we have established an Ancient Forest Stewardship Policy, which supports the protection of ancient and endangered forests.

To date, our collaborative partnership has resulted in many of Canopy’s recommended solutions being realized.

  • Greater Eco-Paper Availability. Increased use and availability of competitively priced, high quality publication grade FSC-certified and recycled papers
  • Wheat Straw Paper. EarthColor is the largest printer in the USA supporting the research and development of papers made with agricultural residues, including wheat straw
  • Demonstrated industry leadership through participation in Canopy’s Green Print Leadership Council
  • Supporting Improved Forest Management practices by encouraging forest product companies to improve their practices.
  • Advancing Forest Conservation. EarthColor supports conservation initiatives that realize large-scale conservation of forests.

As a paper buyer, you can help too. Source leading low carbon and low biodiversity papers at EarthColor and use Canopy’s Ancient Forest Friendly™ logo on appropriate paper. And contact Canopy to learn how you can help advance protection for these globally important and threatened forests.

Click here to learn more about EarthColor’s partnership with Canopy.

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