Leveraging Your Managed Care Messaging for Maximum Results

Managed care marketing continues to be a unique sector of the pharmaceutical industry, juggling ever-changing healthcare regulations on the one hand with the rise of consumer-driven healthcare on the other. Managed care professionals must develop ongoing multi-touch campaigns, create pre-launch payer meetings, and enable their teams to effectively push communications out to the field. At the same time field sales representatives need the ability to pull approved messaging for their territories—all while keeping healthcare reform in mind.

EarthColor provides print marketing solutions that enable our managed care clients to have complete control over their marketing campaigns and brand collateral. We offer our clients the ability to order regulation compliant materials on-demand for timely and accurate shipping. Our personalized and customizable capabilities make it easier to control targeting key accounts with specific pre-approved messaging without worrying about healthcare regulations.

EarthColor offers many solutions for our managed care clients, including:

  • Tools and data integration needed to promote the latest formulary wins
  • Multi-touch campaigns that target audiences in specific territories
  • Ability to leverage critical business information with various types of collateral
  • Digital print-on-demand available through our automated manufacturing for marketing process
  • Efficient multi-channel digital printing and distribution techniques

By partnering with EarthColor, our managed care clients experience complete control in reaching out to their customers. We understand that customers have their own concerns, needs, and requirements—that’s why we offer comprehensive solutions that help our clients relay their message to their target audience efficiently and effectively.

Click here to learn more about the solutions EarthColor offers to enhance your managed care marketing strategy.

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