With EarthColor, you can Expect Innovative Print Solutions for Every Industry

This month the focus of our blogs will shift from EarthColor’s Sustainability efforts to a discussion in the industries for which EarthColor develops solutions. Our ability to provide solutions to a variety of industry verticals is an integral part of EarthColor’s value proposition. We offer innovative solutions and print expertise that are meaningful and meet the needs of each individual vertical.

Each industry is unique with its own set of expectations, concerns, and regulations. We offer our clients top-of-the-line print solutions that produce printed pieces to meet the needs of each industry vertical as well as its individual segments.

EarthColor offers solutions to key industry verticals:

HealthCare & Insurance The healthcare and insurance industries have specific needs that are compliance driven, as well as product and state specific. Member and patient confidentiality add to the complexity of this vertical and require secure environments and disaster-recovery protocols. EarthColor can provide the security and service levels to support the most demanding companies.

Financial The financial services vertical must work within many compliance regulations. In addition, financial services companies they want to acquire new clients and maintain a long-term relationship with their current clients. EarthColor has developed tools and solutions that help our clients deliver quick communications to their clients, while controlling and tracking content to remain within compliance regulations.

Pharmaceutical We understand the importance of reaching all segments in the industry. We take a comprehensive approach with tailored solutions designed specifically for each segment in the pharmaceutical industry. We offer a variety of programs targeted to the Managed Care Marketing, Physician Marketing, Patient Marketing and Field Sales Communications segments.

TelecomIn the telecommunication industry, our clients encounter heavy government regulation and increasing pressure for better customer support. EarthColor provides high-performing technology solutions for companies in this dynamic and competitive marketplace that enable faster business processes and responsive customer service.

RetailThe Internet has changed the buyer lifecycle –as consumers now have direct access to information on their phone or Internet, businesses are now looking for ways to impact buyers decisions and acquire new customers. We’ve constructed retail specific programs that promote your brands messages to your customer and encourage (them to choose your product) purchases      

Travel & Entertainment Just like the other verticals, acquiring and maintaining loyal customers is critical. Positioning your product, increasing bookings, and building demand are also crucial. EarthColor can help you with these demands. We have the print capabilities to help you meet your goals and improve your affinity marketing.

At EarthColor, our team of experts is dedicated to meeting our client’s needs and developing solutions that help them achieve their business goals. We offer the most innovative print capabilities for every industry vertical. Stay tuned this month to learn more about what we offer each industry and how we can work together.

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