Living the Journey: from Responsible Resourcing to a Sustainable Earth

Protect, Partner, Promote

The 2015-2016 EarthColor Sustainability Report

The theme of EarthColor’s 2015-2016 sustainability report is “Living the journey: from responsible resourcing to a sustainable earth. Protect, Partner, Promote.” We chose this theme to reflect the evolution of our sustainability efforts from a focus on reducing our environmental footprint to broader ongoing initiatives that support:

  • the conservation of renewable resources
  • sustainable development among communities
  • partnerships with private and non-profit organizations to promote sustainability

More than decade ago we started out with a vision of what our company would look like in the future. We had a seed of an idea to better balance environmental impact and social responsibility with our business model.  Well, it’s been more than ten years and my how things have changed! What began as a notion has now become the heart of our culture.

Our customers embraced this vision with open arms and together we have been able to make substantial gains in managing our environmental footprint and integrating social value into our charter. Today the vast majority of our customers actively use our sustainability programs or benefit from these standards.

As we move forward, our vision for the future is to go beyond doing no harm to being a force for good in the world. To enhance our strategy and help us achieve these goals we have partnered with several Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (ENGO) which we will discuss in further detail over the upcoming weeks:

  • Canopy
  • Appalachian Carbon Partnership
  • Sustainable Media Council
  • Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey

Together as a team EarthColor and its customers have accomplished some pretty amazing things and there’s a lot more still ahead of us. Join us on our journey!

Click here to reserve your copy of EarthColor’s 2015-2016 sustainability report coming this summer.

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