Take Sustainability to the Next Level with EarthColor

According to BusinessDictionary.com, Environmental Engineering is a discipline concerned with the movement of materials and their impact in the environment. Sustainability is valued by many businesses, but at EarthColor, we take environmental responsibility to the next level by implementing programs that ensure we are applying the principles of eco-engineering. We understand that our environmental efforts impact not only the environment, but our customer’s business as well.

Design & Engineering
• We have the expertise to help you achieve your goals through the use of innovative design and product engineering processes. Specifically, we build sustainable supply chains and look at every aspect of our materials, processes and logistics. As a result we can effectively reduce our eco footprint while protecting the environment, partnering with suppliers and customers and supporting the livelihoods of others.

Our comprehensive program titled “EarthColor’s Forest Resources & Comprehensive Wood Pulp/Paper Merchandise Management Policy” has been developed to insure that we do not source materials from irresponsible or highly controversial sources. We also educate our clients on these issues and provide them with information to make choices that minimize their environmental footprint. We are strong advocates of a “Zero Deforestation” future and are actively working with our [Spell Out first use] ENGO partners on forest conservation and preservation.

• EarthColor uses paper sourced from suppliers that practice responsible forestry and is FSC® certified by the Rainforest Alliance. This insures that it is elementally chlorine free, contains a minimum of 10% consumer waste, and is carbon-managed and climate-balanced.

• EarthColor has comprehensive waste management and recycling programs throughout our facilities. Through our recycling efforts, the equivalent of 280,000 fewer trees were harvested thanks to the purchase of Post Consumer Waste (PCW) and Post Industrial Waste (PIW) recycled content along with the recycling of all (100%) of our PIW manufacturing paper waste.

We work with our clients to determine applicable eco-engineered design, inputs, and manufacturing strategies. Through these strategies, we can produce cost effective products for their projects and brands that have the smallest environmental impact supported by quantifiable metrics. Our services are available on a job-by-job basis or as part of a collaborative long-term sustainability initiative. Join us in taking sustainability to the next level, and give us an opportunity to offer your business environmental alternatives.

To learn more about our commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility, see our policy or any of our Sustainability Reports.

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