Celebrate Earth Day Every Day: Partner with EarthColor

Earth Day is April 22nd. We felt this would be a great opportunity to spend the month discussing sustainability. We want to share how EarthColor celebrates Earth Day year round through our sustainability efforts and initiatives.

Sustainability is an important topic to us here at EarthColor; after all, we’ve made it our priority to incorporate sustainability initiatives into our business strategy. Through close collaboration with our clients, we provide a variety of choices that help them reduce their environmental footprint.

At EarthColor, we have a set of guidelines that we’ve embedded within our business practices. We understand that our efforts extend beyond our workplace into the community and the environment.

  1. Governance and Ethics – Responsible business practices that consist of accountability, honesty and integrity in all matters
  2. Responsible Forestry –Using and promoting responsible forest management
  3. Environmental Protection – Controlled manufacturing efforts that reduce impact to air, soil, water, and human health
  4. Resource Stewardship & Energy Management – Increased use of environmentally friendly materials while efficiently managing and reducing consumption of energy and raw materials
  5. Workplace Enrichment – Fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment
  6. Beyond Our Borders – Partnering with clients and other organizations to support positive sustainable change that benefits us all

The six guidelines serve as a framework for our mission and we put them into practice through three key initiatives.

  1. Environmental Efforts – We support various efforts that protect endangered forests and ecosystems
  2. Social Initiatives – We extend our assistance and passion to organizations and people who are interested in the same positive outcomes as we are
  3. Certifications & Partnerships – We partner with other environmentally conscious organizations

We’ve actively invested in technologies that encourage responsible sourcing, greenhouse gas and VOC emission reduction, resource stewardship, effective energy and waste management, and water conservation. Putting our guidelines and initiatives into practice, EarthColor partners with clients and offers alternatives that allow them to reduce their environmental footprint.

  1. Eco-Engineering – solutions that minimize environmental impact of printed materials
  2. Earth Aware paper – socially responsible and environmentally sustainable alternative paper stock
  3. Earth Everlit – a better alternative to Duratrans made of PET plastic

Join us this month in celebrating Earth Day and partner with us to make a positive impact. To learn more about how we can work together to make this happen, contact your sales representative or visit us at earthcolor.com.

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