Earth•EverLit – Using Plastic to Promote your Brand Responsibly

Spring has arrived and April is the month in which we’ll celebrate Earth Day. This makes it the perfect time to focus on EarthColor’s commitment to sustainability and how we can help you minimize your environmental footprint.

EarthColor is a recognized industry leader with a history of offering sustainable print solutions. We incorporate environmentally friendly practices into our business initiatives and company culture.

As a printing company, we often produce millions of pieces on different substrates, including plastic. We consider the environmental impact of both our materials and the printing processes that we use. For our customers that use POP or in-store signage to promote their brands we developed Earth Everlit as an alternative to traditional Duratrans. Earth Everlit combines a more environmentally friendly plastic with EarthColor’s sustainable print process.

Earth Everlit uses PET/RPET (recycled PET) plastic, a better alternative to Duratrans, which is mostly made of PVC. PVC can be filled with toxic heavy metals making it difficult to recycle and detrimental to the environment. We also chose PET/RPET plastic to minimize material inputs – as opposed to Duratrans – because there are no additional laminates or lenses.

To date, EarthColor can print on RPET containing up to 50% recycled content commonly sourced from recycled water bottles. We continue to look for innovative ways to refine and reengineer Earth Everlit. We are experimenting with bio based plastics made from plant resins and fibers as a next generation solution.

Additionally, the sustainable attributes of Earth Everlit go beyond the material itself. The patent pending manufacturing process utilizes UV inks that contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), resulting in a POP display that has the following features:

  • Non-toxic
  • No heavy metals
  • No plasticizers
  • Lightweight
  • Easily recyclable

Not only does Earth Everlit offer visually impactful signage with a reduced environmental footprint, but it has the added benefit of reducing energy consumption. Traditionally Duratrans signage requires backlighting but Earth Everlit’s reflectivity means that backlighting can be reduced or even eliminated. As a result, energy consumption and carbon emissions can be reduced significantly.

Custom-engineered, high-quality printing on PET/RPET plastic is exclusively available at EarthColor. For more information on Earth•EverLit, please visit our webpage or contact your EarthColor sales representative today.

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