Want to Make your Brand Shine? Try Liquid Metal!

During the month of March we’ve highlighted several different enhancements that can be applied on printed materials for an eye-catching effect. Throughout our previous discussions, we’ve introduced Scodix, Soft Touch®, and die cut designs. Let’s expand our discussion and look into a different type of enhancement that gives printed pieces a striking metallic appearance. This enhancement is called liquid metal, “just like old fashion engraving”.

Liquid metal is almost 100% opaque, allowing it to cover areas of high-density ink and different color paper including black. Clients often comment that they’ve never before been able to print on black stock and get the results to look this good. When overprinted with another ink, millions of brilliant metallic colors can be created to give both offset and coated surfaces a shimmering appearance. In addition, liquid metal is an inline application, which allows for perfect registration.

Compared to other metallic enhancements liquid metal has several advantages. It can be used in heavy coverage solids avoiding the potential for the dull gloss gassing effect that can occur with foil stamping. This enhancement also creates a more brilliant effect then when using pantone metallic silver. It doesn’t lose its luster like pantone silver when coating with UV or aqueous. Liquid metal may cost more than metallic inks, but it is significantly less than foil stamping–another added bonus.

At EarthColor, we’ve perfected the process of utilizing liquid metal and continue to expand our offering. Currently liquid metal is predominantly silver based. In the near future, we will be adding liquid gold to our palette of brilliant metallic hues.

EarthColor will work with you to add metallic enhancements that highlight and accentuate your designs–making them both one-of-a-kind and memorable. Contact EarthColor today and let us help you excite your customers with the brilliant effects of liquid metal.

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