7 Benefits of Using Die Cuts

In our previous blogs, we discussed a variety of print enhancements that EarthColor has to offer. Now, we’d like to take a moment to broaden our discussion and explain how structure, in combination with graphics, can make for a unique enhancement to your print material.

Die cutting allows you to cut through paper to create unique design elements such as custom shapes, pop ups, and reveal windows. Shapes can range from a simple card with rounded corners to an intricate piece with fine details.

Die cut designs add interest and increase the overall impact of your print piece. Within certain guidelines, the die cut is flexible and can be positioned anywhere on a fixed piece. There is a huge benefit to clients as die cutting enables designers to create unusual pieces that are unique to their brand. At EarthColor, we understand this and we work with our clients to create exciting die cut designs.

7 Benefits of Using Die Cuts

  1. Make your marketing pieces stand out from the crowd

– By utilizing die cuts, you can definitely create marketing pieces that stand out from the crowd. People always receive rectangular marketing pieces, so why not make yours different? With die cuts, companies can take a simple rectangular design and create something that will keep recipients hooked!

Below is an image of a business card with a die cut around the person that gives the appearance he is standing.


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  1. Create shapes that are no longer rectangular

– With die cuts, your imagination is the limit! You can create unique designs that would not otherwise be possible through regular printing. Use die cutting to construct a distinct shape that showcases the uniqueness of your brand.

Below is an image of printed material that, when folded correctly, turns into a small cube! Talk about creative!


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  1. Generate interaction and increase engagement

– Engage with your recipients by making your marketing pieces interactive! How? Die cutting enables you to create one-of-a-kind designs. This leaves room for a wide range of options that help you engage with your recipients!

Below is a business card for a yoga studio; there are two circular die cuts that allow recipients to place their fingers so they appear as the yogis’ legs! This is true engagement.


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Below is a business card that requires recipients to pull out a panel within the folded piece that not only provides information on the individual, but also reveals a unique image with different color effects!


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  1.      Highlight images and designs

– Die cutting can also be used as a highlighter – that is, to highlight images or specific designs within your marketing collateral. Imagine a die cut border around your marketing material or perhaps a die cut image that enables it to stand out from the marketing piece itself.

Below is an image of a TED talk booklet that has different sized circular die cuts that reveal the pages within.


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  1.     Make your print pieces fun

– Once your recipient has your marketing material in their hands, in essence your brand is in their hands. With that being said, including die cut designs that enable you to make your print pieces fun gives you even more of an opportunity to create an unforgettable piece!

Below is a unique marketing piece that is in the shape of a spin wheel and incorporates a die cut reveal window.


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Below is a calendar with die cut reveal windows over the dates that pull back to expose unique images and messages.


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  1.     Encourage your recipients to keep it because it’s functional!

– A uniquely designed piece with die cuts is guaranteed to have your recipients so excited that they’ll want to keep it. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to hold on to a one of a kind marketing piece that is functionally useful?

Below is business card that, once folded, turns into a phone stand!


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  1.     Play with different dimensions and create print pieces that become 3D

– Die cutting is a great opportunity not only to create intricate designs, but to also create designs that incorporate different dimensions. This adds depth to your designs and allows designers to be creative with the real estate available in your print materials.

Below is an image of a holiday card that uses unique die cut slits to create a three dimensional Christmas tree.


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According to an article titled 8 Reasons invest in unique die cut designs, “People are also more likely to hold onto custom-cut marketing materials.” Imagine that – a customer saving your printed piece because it’s functional, interactive, has a unique structure and stands out from the crowd! Now that is a strategic print campaign.

Contact EarthColor today and let us help you excite your customers with creative designs.

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