Soft Touch®

Add Opulence to Your Print Campaigns, try Soft Touch®

Your print pieces should be anything but ordinary. Many designers and marketers are incorporating creative finishes into their company’s marketing collateral. EarthColor offers a variety of print enhancements, including textures that entice customers to engage with your product.

If you’re looking to increase your customer’s engagement, then Soft Touch® enhancement is the way to go. Provide a coating that allows for a luxurious and sophisticated look combined with velvety softness for tactile appeal. Dark colors take on a deeper, more opulent appearance that will attract customers to your brand.

At EarthColor, we offer our clients Soft Touch® aqueous coating. This enhancement is a non-yellow water based coating that is applied inline on press and dries quickly which allows for a fast turnaround time. In addition, Soft Touch® is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional film lamination. Create silky direct mail pieces, satin feel business cards, and velvety brochures that will increase brand awareness and recognition.

To learn more about our Soft Touch® capabilities, please contact an EarthColor representative today!


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