Digging Deeper into Scodix SENSE™

In our previous blog we introduced the role that print enhancements can play in improving the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. The first enhancement we discussed was Scodix SENSE™, a state-of-the-art print enhancement technology that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Scodix is so impactful that we wanted to share some more details with you.  

By adding texture to printed materials Scodix creates eye-catching impact, leading to higher response rates and increased sales:

  • 76% higher attention to items enhanced with Scodix
  • 92% increased view time
  • 60% of people touch an item with Scodix(Source: Institut Schantz, Neubauer & Partner)

Scodix enhances your print materials in a variety of ways:

  1. Scodix RSP Technology™ – even the finest design details can be enhanced with Scodix

Scodix Enhancement






  1. Scodix High Impact – exceptional depth of Scodix textures allows for a heightened tactile experience

Scodix High Impact 





  1. Scodix Flexibility – innovative coating technology allows for variability in both production quantity and imaging

Scodix Flexibility








  1. Scodix Variable Densities – ability to vary the density of the polymer creates textures from sandpaper rough to silky smooth

Scodix Variable Densities







  1. Scodix 99 GU – high gloss polymer makes colors vibrant

Scodix 99 GU







Use Scodix SENSE™ to turn your print materials into an experience—customers will notice it, feel it and remember it! Contact EarthColor today, let us help you add value to your products and excite your customers with creative designs.

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