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Print Enhancements

Technological innovations are reshaping the printing industry. Print enhancements are one area in which technology helps you build your brand’s equity with customers while increasing marketing ROI.

Before we get into more detail on these techniques, let’s define what a print enhancement is. A print enhancement is anything beyond basic “ink on paper” that is added to a piece to attract attention and increase effectiveness. Examples include everything from coatings and embossing to die-cutting and structural design.

We understand that a lot of creative effort and work goes into designing and selecting different enhancements for your print pieces. This is why we’ve decided to dedicate the month of March to discussing the different types of print enhancements that EarthColor has to offer. Some of the enhancement types we will be covering are Scodix SENSE™, soft touch coating, liquid metal inks, high definition printing, and Everlit point-of-purchase signage. In addition, we will briefly discuss the application process and the benefits of using each enhancement.

Benefits of Print Enhancement

A recent study conducted by Sappi Fine Paper identified a variety of benefits that print enhancements offer designers and marketers. Unlike online communication, which is primarily sight and sound driven, printed materials offer a variety of sensory experiences. In addition to the visual images, printed materials provide sensations related to the paper itself such as texture, color, and weight. When combined with other enhancements, printed materials increase sales by 18% versus a control. Print also increases the perception of the quality of the company providing it.

Introducing Scodix!

The first enhancement we’d like to share with you is Scodix SENSE™. Scodix is a state-of-the-art print enhancement technology that helps transform ordinary print and mail pieces into extraordinary pieces of art by adding unique textures. Scodix uses a clear polymer that is printed directly onto the item, creating a three dimensional effect. Click here to see the dramatic effects that Scodix SENSE™ can achieve.

As a print and technology leader, EarthColor is always looking to expand its capabilities. EarthColor was at the forefront of testing the Scodix technology and ultimately purchased the press at Graph Expo in 2014.

The textural enhancements provided by Scodix will increase customer engagement and enhance brand image, leading to improved response rates, greater loyalty, and increased purchasing. The EarthColor team is available to help you create your own projects and campaigns. Contact your EarthColor representative for more information today. The possibilities with Scodix are endless.






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