Celebrating Valentine’s Day? We are too!

Dear Readers,

As everyone get’s prepared to celebrate Valentines Day today, we wanted to take a moment and share why we love print so much! You may have already picked out your Valentines Day flowers, chocolate, or other gifts for that special someone, but do you remember where you bought the gift?

According to an article titled Valentines Day Statistics, cards are the most popular gifts given on Valentines Day, at 52.1%, followed by candy 47.5%, flowers 34.3%, dining out 34.6%, jewelry 17.3%, clothing 14.4%, gift cards 12.6% and other gifts 11.2%.

The merchants selling all of these gifts have to work hard to market themselves and drive traffic to their store. Many retailers utilize different promotional methods to reach their customers such as printing and mailing brochures, catalogs, or direct mail. Print is an effective way to reach and engage with customers, which in turn helps these store owners achieve their marketing ROI.

Why do we love print so much? Because on Valentines Day and many other holidays, print will engage customers and drive purchases, helping to deliver positive ROI on marketing spending. According to Print Is Big, spending in the Print Industry totals $640 Billion and drives $3.8 Trillion in related services. Now that’s big and that’s something we can all love. <3



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