Want to Improve your Marketing ROI? Personalize it!

 Personalized vs. Non-personalized

Have you ever received a mail piece that said “Dear Resident” or “Dear Neighbor” on it and then, realizing it was just spam mail, threw it away? It is likely that you receive quite a few of these mail pieces in a day, and many more throughout a week. But what happens when you receive a mail piece that is personalized and says “Dear [your first name]”?

There is a higher chance that you will give the personalized mail piece a little more of your time. According to a News Release by Melissa Data, “highly personalized color direct mail was found to typically generate a 6.5 percent response rate – which is over three times higher than the usual 2.0 percent response rate that occurs as the result of non-personalized direct mail.”

A study by Cap Ventures showed that “more than 69 percent of consumers preferred highly personalized direct mail over non-personalized offers.” We can all agree that the response rates on personalized direct mail campaigns compared to non-personalized campaigns are significantly higher. By simply connecting with your customers on a personal level, your direct mail campaign has a better chance of receiving a higher response rate. One way you can incorporate personalization in your direct mail strategy is through inline imaging and finishing.

Personalizing with inline at EarthColor

Personalizing is just one of the many capabilities that EarthColor offers through inline imaging. It enables customization along with personalization of printed pieces in large volumes at a high-speed in one integrated process. Direct mail elements that you can personalize include:

  • Copy and/or other information
  • Covers by gender, age, or interest
  • Offers that appeal to a specific target
  • Location or contact number according to your demographic

With EarthColor’s inline imaging and mailing capabilities, any mail piece can become customized. Instead of letting your customers become recipients of a generic mail campaign, reach out and get a response by personalizing their mail pieces. The proof is there: when you customize your direct mail campaign, you’ll see more engaged customers and a higher marketing ROI.


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