A Perspective on In-Line Finishing

By: Sal Campanaro

Speed to market is the essence of what in-line finishing is all about. For example: in the world of direct mail, getting your product into consumer’s hands on a timely basis can help boast your ROI. What exactly is “In-Line Finishing”? The basic answer is a web printing press that also has a complete set of bindery components attached at the back end. So we start with a roll of paper at one end and come off the back end with a competed product. A unique one-step process illustrated below:














Products and Applications

By utilizing in-line finishing, all of the responsibilities associated with completing jobs are handled within one operation itself rather than being given to multiple departments or even an outside contractor. Thereby, reducing costs and, most importantly, reducing the risk for error, especially with duplex imaging on direct mail. The in-line process is suited for a variety of products that include:

» Self-mailers

» Inserts

» Snap Pack mailers

» Spine Pasted Catalogs Brochures

» Brochures

» Pop-Ups

» Bind-in Order forms


By using this process an assortment of applications can be introduced to the products mentioned above. To name a few:

» Imaging variable data

» Gluing

» Scent application

» Scratch off

» Die cutting

» Advent reveal windows

» Perforations

» Affixed paper gift cards


 Advantages and the many verticals

Innovation and creativity can create a very unique piece. We can help you design a piece tailored to your specific needs and add any of the above to make it an attention-getting creation. There are several advantages to using Inline Imaging and Finishing:


» Fewer Manufacturing Steps

» Reduced risk for error

» Reduced Labor

» Eliminates Handling

» Eliminates Staging/Storage

» Reduced Waste: helping with your Green Initiative


And we serve many different verticals that Inline can be used for. Some of these vertical markets that are perfect for this process are Retail, Automotive, Finance/Insurance, Non-Profit and Fundraising, Political, Telecommunications and Publication (Bind-in’s, Magazine and Newspaper Inserts).

A large amount of products we produce this way are for direct mail. Nothing could be more perfect, so let our experts design an award-winning package for you and help Speed YOU to market!

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