Eco-Engineering = Environmentally and Socially Responsible Print

Many of us have a basic understanding of sustainability practices in and around our lives.  But when your business requires printed material it might not be clear how to choose the best sustainable solutions for your needs while supporting your sustainable marketing programs.

EarthColor’s team of experts understands that challenge. We have the knowledge and resources to help you make the right choices when it comes to environmental/social attributes and certification strategies for your printed communications.  We understand that each project and mail campaign is unique. Just as each project is different, each customer has different expectations and corporate social responsibility and sustainability objectives. The EarthColor team members are functional experts capable of eco-engineering sustainable print solutions for each situation and professionally supporting your sustainable branding strategies.  We have design, input, and manufacturing strategies in place to produce an environmentally friendly and cost-effective project.

EarthColor employs a program called DEPCOR (Design, Engineer, Procure, Consume, and Recycle) putting structure to integrating sustainable design, engineering, procurement, consumption and recycling. Our manufacturing process is geared to drive efficiency and sustainability through the employment of state-of-the-art environmental technology, responsibly managed forestry certifications and a Green Chemistry Principles Program. We have comprehensive waste management and recycling programs throughout our facilities through which we effectively reduce and recycle materials used during manufacturing.

Contact us for more information on how EarthColor can help you make the right Eco-Friendly choices for your business.

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