Client Partnerships and the Mega-trend of “Sustainable Branding”

There is some really great news on the road to creating sustainable brands, that is, more and more of us genuinely care about the environmental and social impacts that we make as individuals and corporations. We have an abundance of research at this point that a large segment of the consumer based end user really cares about their health, their immediate environment (in and around them), the environment at large and in perusing more social inclusion and equality. This movement towards lifestyles of health and sustainability has created a dynamic new market looking for integrity when it comes to products and services. We expect more from corporations but are also willing to be brand loyal to those brands that passed the test.

The printed marketing collateral materials that we produce must accurately reflect the brand positioning that we are all working so hard to create. When it comes to sustainably designed and engineered print, partnerships are critical! Collaboration with all the organizations involved in the product lifecycle is where the magic happens. Teamwork with our partner organizations, driven by a common view of what responsible brand collateral should be, push the boundaries of environmental and socially designed printed materials. These materials are all produced with credible metrics so that we can quantify savings in terms of energy reduction, climate change, water reduction and forestry protection then transparently report the results.

Eco-engineering of print along with new and innovative technology has led to some impressive gains. Technologies such as using a process of natural biology (bio-oxidation) to capture and neutralize air pollutants from inks and coatings, experimental carbon capture, plant based inks, certified responsibly forestry, recycled papers, agricultural waste fibers, Renewable Energy Credits in the form of solar and wind and logistics management.

The program continues to grow and evolve. Working with our clients and supply chain partners, we have been able to make substantial impacts on the Product Lifecycle Impact of the marketing collateral materials that we produce. We invite you to join us!


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