Responsible Printing also Means Responsible Paper

It took EarthColor several years to fully transform the business into a sustainable printing solution provider. And our continuous dedication to incorporating sustainable solutions into our business practices earned us the position as an industry leader in the United States. But this wasn’t just due to adopting new technologies and capabilities –we took that extra step to create something else.

In 2007, EarthColor’s team of experts developed Earth•Aware® carbon-managed paper stock that offered clients a more socially responsible and environmentally sustainable alternative. Our team worked diligently to develop this paper stock; in addition, it has been designed with careful detail to ensure high standards and a reduced carbon footprint, compared to other paper stock.

Our Earth•Aware paper line contains the following:

  • FSC® certified by the Rainforest Alliance
  • Elementally Chlorine Free
  • Minimum 10% Post Consumer Waste
  • Carbon-Managed and Climate-Balanced

Adding Earth•Aware paper stock to our inventory enables us to offer an alternative option to our clients who want to get the complete “green printing package” with EarthColor. Responsible printing also means using responsible paper, and with EarthColor, you can do both.

Learn how much you could save by using Earth•Aware paper. Check out our Earth Savings Estimator to see what your environmental savings impact would be.

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