End of the year Housekeeping tips

By: Kim Price, National Accounts Business Development

  1. Maximize your budget

Organizations have their end of the year budget that they can still utilize or, they run the risk of losing that budget. In addition, their next year’s budget could be reduced based on the amount of budget utilized this year. Think of it as “use it or lose it.”

  1. Check with vendors for any outstanding invoices

With the holidays approaching, there may be a possibility that an invoice could have been overlooked. Thus, organizations should check with vendors for any invoices that have not been paid.

  1. Clean out sample closet

Many organizations have closets full of samples. The end of the year is a great time to clean out a closet to make room for 2015 samples.

  1. Where we were caught by deadline last year and do it different this year

Each organization has a deadline. Review a 2015 calendar and time your projects ahead of time and beat your deadline for next year. It’s good to lock in things that you know are going to happen every year (notepads, business cards, calendars, etc.) and plan for the next year.

  1. Check with your vendors and materials that are being housed

This is one of the best housekeeping tips; if additional materials are being housed with your vendors, they could be re-used for another project, which saves you and the vendor money while promoting sustainability practices.

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