Marketing Trends in 2015

It’s that time of year, time for all of the experts to come out of the woodwork and write about next year’s Hot Topic! Even though these lists aren’t usually a surprise and often have little impact on day-to-day marketing activities, I still love to read through them. I like to know what topic all of the conferences will base their content around; what the Analyst community is likely to fashion as a new buzzword and maybe get a little insight into what might distract my competitors marketers efforts for the beginning of 2015. In an effort to save some of your time looking for lists, I’ve compiled some of my favorites:

1. Content Marketing Institute 

Content Marketing has definitely gained in popularity over the last couple of years. While there is still debate as to whether or not this is a new area of marketing or just a re-brand of the traditional areas of marketing, there is no doubt that the “place to go” on this topic is Content Marketing Institute. Not only is this a great post, but also features some power players in the content world.


This forum continues to grow in popularity amongst B2C and B2B marketers alike. Business2Community is a great place to publish articles when you’re trying to grow your audience and to establish some thought leadership. Both, interestingly enough, are hot topics in 2015. One of their active community members, Julia Borgini, writes a great piece of what to look for in 2015.

3. TopRank Online Marketing Blog

In this post, Lee Odden, does a fantastic job collecting some great responses from leaders in the digital marketing space. From Ann Handley with MarketingProfs to Mike Stelzner with Social Media Examiner, these digital leaders give some great, and funny, comments on what to expect in 2015.

4. Forbes

Forbes is known for their great business insight and this article is no exception. Written by Avi Dan, who writes frequently to their CMO audience, this article takes more of a big picture approach to marketing roles and the team itself.

5. Wheelhouse Advisors

You can’t write a blog about marketing trends and not include an infographic! This one is my personal favorite giving a comprehensive overview of 2015 trends for marketers while still providing as much content as they imagery!

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