Things I’ve Learned in 2014 about the Print Industry

photoAs we wrap up 2014, I personally have been through some struggles with the terminology, processes, and what is needed for print jobs, as a print novice. There are so many factors you need to consider for a print project and the team at EarthColor has done their best job to help guide me through this process.

According to Print in the Mix, “The majority of millennial surveyed (45%) say a combo — digital ads combined with traditional ad channels — are equally or more effective in influencing their brand decision making, compared to either as a standalone channel.” As a young professional, this ever-changing industry has caught my eye and interest, and I’m eager to share the trends in print that I’ve learned over the year:

The Print Process is Efficient.

Many people believe print isn’t as efficient as social media, email, and online campaigns. It’s not an instant communication and does take some planning, like all digital mediums. Print companies are creating more efficient processes, such as Web-to-Print, which is an online ordering method.

Print is Interactive.

With technology being incorporated in print, it allows you to use technology with your print pieces. For example, RFID technology allows you to gather information from your print piece to scan and link print and technologies together. You can also use QR codes on your print pieces to make it easier to scan.

Print and Social Media work well together.

Social Media is an instant way to communicate to people through the Internet. Why not have your print collateral coincide with your social media efforts? By using PURLs and adding your social media accounts to you collateral, it helps you increase your online presence.

 Print is Sustainable.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) , Paper is 100 percent recyclable. In 2013, 63.5 percent of the paper consumed in the US was recovered for recycling. EarthColor prides themselves for being committed to their sustainability efforts. To learn more, visit

 It’s Sparkly.

EarthColor has different techniques they can use on their print collateral to add sparkles in your print, you can use it by adding a UV Finish or Scodix effect. Along with making your print sparkly, if you ask your printer on special effects, they would be willing to think of creative pieces to help your piece stand out.

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