Moving into the New Year

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As the end of the year approaches, there are many things that we do to prepare ourselves for the New Year. Maybe you plan on cleaning out some old junk in the garage, or you plan on setting a New Years resolution for next year?

We here at EarthColor have decided to use the Month of December to go over different aspects that those in the printing industry should consider before and as they move on into the New Year. Not in the printing industry? Do not worry, some of these blogs may still apply.

There are many things organizations need to do to prepare for going into the New Year, closing the books, preparing for the first quarter of the year etc.

Keep an eye out for our next upcoming blogs as we strive to bring you some great ideas so you can “clean out some old junk” or perhaps even “set a New Years resolution” for your organization. And just to start the conversation, what efforts are you and your organization doing to wrap up the year?

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