Safety First – How EarthColor Maintains a Safe Work Environment

If you’ve ever visited a print shop, you know that it can be a very dangerous work environment. Heavy machinery and strong chemicals are handled and worked with every day. With that being said, EarthColor makes extraordinary efforts to maintain a safe and healthy work environment and we work very hard to ensure the EarthColor environmental and sustainability goals are met. We are strong believers in constant housekeeping and are always proactive in our facility maintenance. At the Houston facility, the person behind this task is Dante Wadsworth, EarthColor’s Pressroom Manager.

EarthColor’s Safety Procedures

danteDante’s job is very important; he makes it a priority to see that all of EarthColor’s safety procedures are followed every day. There are many things that are looked at to ensure safety including (but not limited to):

  • There’s always a pathway to the fire exit
  • The server room is taken care of
  • The fire extinguishers work
  • Proper uses of extension cords and power strips
  • A bi-yearly fire drill takes place

Every month, a safety meeting is held and organized by Dante, where all department heads meet with Dante to discuss different trainings, safety procedures, and similar topics to prepare teams for upcoming events. He also coordinates small training drills in which all the employees participate. This helps him understand any gaps in their procedures and can then work through any additional trainings for the employees.

EarthColor Environmental/Sustainability Goalsmachine2

In addition to enforcing safety procedures, Dante is also in charge of implementing environmental and sustainability procedures. These include making sure:

  • The EOC emissions remain low
  • The filters are replaced frequently
  • We are recycling everything from paper to plastic to cleaning fluid
  • We are complying with regular auditsink

Being a detail-oriented company is very important when it comes to risk management and sustainability procedures. Most companies don’t invest the time and energy to change the little things that make a big difference in the long run. EarthColor knows that by paying attention to the seemingly insignificant and mundane tasks, it could potentially save someone’s life. And just before making our clients happy, our main goal is to keep everyone safe.

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