How to Save Time and Money in Print: Part 2

How to Save Time & Money in Print- Part 2Assessing delivery and lettershop details

We work closely with our clients to understand the full scope of their projects -especially critical details like delivery deadlines and mail requirements. It can be frustrating to engineer a job to optimize production savings only to lose the money on expedited freight or rush bindery charges.

We really take a deep dive at the beginning of a project to make sure all the details are captured and accounted for. We pay attention to things like: do we need to request an inside delivery if a freight loading dock isn’t available? Does the product need to arrive before a scheduled meeting? Is there a sample approval process prior to making delivery?

The same process is a applied to jobs that mail. If a client isn’t prepared to provide detailed mailing instructions, we walk them through the process. How many lists will we receive? What is a match requirement to suppress a duplicate? Will this mail with stamps or indicia, and first class or standard mail?

The more we understand the nature of the piece, the better we are positioned to work as partners on the project. Our net goal is to maximize our client’s ROI and impact on the market.

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