How to Save Time and Money in Print: Part 1

Ensuring efficient use of stock and presses

All projects are about time and money –and everyone is usually tight on both. Our goal is to help evaluate a project and determine what we can best execute with the resources available.

Often we provide multiple quotes to gage the best value. For example, we’ll compare long sheet fed with a web run, or evaluate variable content to see if we can run offset shells and image variable in black. We’ve all seen times where a fraction of an inch can mean saving thousands of dollars- but sometimes creative or POP display can allow for the change.

It’s important to partner on the full scope of the job. It would a waste to spend production savings on expedited freight- if the speed isn’t a requirement. We work to understand the mechanical specifications and what is driving them; to research stock options based on availability, value and reliability, and to fully understand delivery deadlines, in home dates and promotion schedules.

Cost-effectiveness can mean a lot of things for companies and clients, but for us, it means making the most efficient use of time and budget.



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