The 6 Benefits of Working with EarthColor

6 Benefits


EarthColor isn’t your typical printing company; we offer a variety of solutions for companies in different verticals. We work hard in setting ourselves apart from the rest of the companies. Not only do we work hard to expand our technologies, we take the extra effort to keep up with trends and the ever-growing market every day. Take a look at some of the benefits of working with EarthColor.

  1. We have 6 printing facilities in 4 states:

» Texas

» Florida

» New Jersey

» New York 4

This allows for versatility and flexibility and breaks down printing barriers. No matter where you are located, we can accommodate to.

  1. We are ranked among the country’s largest commercial printers

» Due to the number of facilities we have and the vast amount of technology and printers we possess, we are able to print large-scale printing jobs that are high quality and low-cost.

  1. We are always investing in innovative technologies that improve our service and your products.

» At EarthColor, we understand that technology is ever evolving. This belief makes us strive to not only be an innovative printer, but to adapt to the changing times and acquire technologies to better serve you in this age of digital.

  1. Each of our facilities uses the same platforms for color, prepress and proofing capabilities.

» This makes for a more efficient printing process, overall.

  1. Gracol Certified

» Gracol stands for: General Requirements for Applications in Commercial Offset Lithography

» GRACoL® helps print buyers, designers, and specifiers work more effectively with print suppliers.

» GRACoL® helps promote better communication between print buyers and print suppliers and helps avoid disappointment in expectations. Improved processes maintain printing as a competitive force in the communications marketplace. (Source)

  1. Closed-loop Color Control

» The Closed Loop Color control system (CLC) scans a color bar from the moving web and adjusts inking to target density values. Fast readings and Color management data collection help you make more productive decisions. The result is reduced waste, improved quality and greater productivity. (source)


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