The Two Fundamental Characteristics in a Marketing Material

Add text-3 Characteristic one:

Your company has been in the process of developing a print campaign that will launch a new product or service. Your marketing department has created an elaborate design that will grab your customer’s attention. It’s not only an eye-catching design that highlights and represents your brand but a design that equally portrays the fundamental message of your campaign.

If your design isn’t as attractive or creative, then you run the risk of having your collateral ignored or thrown away and all efforts made towards the development of this print campaign goes down the drain. But while design is a major factor in the “attracting” aspect, it’s really only half of what does the work. The other half? Content.

Characteristic two:

Yep, your design and content do go hand in hand. Your audience does pay attention to the eccentric design on your collateral, but when they realize there is a lack of information thus not understanding your message, you take the risk of losing that person’s attention too.

Your content is just as important as your design- just as your design catches the audience’s attention, your content must be able to engage with them. Thus the planning process for your content should be the same as the planning process for your design. Content should be persuasive, significant and most importantly, engaging in order to maximize your ROI.

What type of content strategies do you implement to try and grab your audience’s attention?


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