Unforgettable Marketing in your Mailbox

An innovative little package or direct mail piece goes a long way in today’s digital world. Coupons, personalization, thank you cards, and creative packages from online orders are grabbing people’s attention more than ever before. This may only be my personal opinion, but I can’t help get excited when I receive one of the above.

However, there are struggles with direct mail marketing. Direct mail can be high cost, people are unsure if you can customize images and personalize text for the customer, and the amount of time it takes to arrive to the customer’s mailbox. There are print companies that will take your company and your customer’s needs into consideration with different programs to develop your marketing direct mail campaigns.

Even Better than your Electronic Device

In September, Ikea created a video displaying the latest and greatest features of the 2015 Ikea Catalog. “No cables, not even a power cable. 2015 Ikea catalog comes fully charged and the battery life is eternal,” the commercial says. “Experience the power of a bookbook.” The video highlights battery life and size, but it also captures everything great about having a catalog in hand. Don’t fret, Ikea still incorporates technology into their catalog. This is just a great way to promote printed collateral using social media. Click here to see the video here for yourself.

AmericanExpressCoat It!

Recently, I received a Soft Touch piece from American Express in the mail and it feels so nice. If you have never heard of Soft Touch, it’s a velvety texture on your print pieces. Good job, American Express for the eye-catching piece.

Soft Touch isn’t the only thing you can use on you direct mail pieces or marketing materials to make it stand out. It’s more expensive, but nice to get tangible marketing piece that finishes different from all the others. Other options of specialty coating include UV Coating, Aqueous Coating, and more.

Customization and Personalization

Pharmamarketing samplesIt’s definitely exciting to see a piece of mail that is personalized with your name on it. It’s even more exciting to see the images and text match your specific needs. It’s possible for a printer to make pieces that are personalized and customized to the needs of your customers. See the samples in the image below created by EarthColor.

Lastly, creative packaging is always eye-catching. You can fold and package the direct mailer in a unique way. Click here to view the creative cardboard record case study.
Here are some other creative packaging examples below from Synoptik and Grey Vancouver:


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Grey Vancouver 

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I have three emails accounts that I check daily – two work emails and one personal email address. Nowadays, the chances of your mail piece standing out in a mailbox are much greater than in your electronic mailbox. What are some eye-catching direct mail pieces, as a consumer and company, that you’ve received?

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