The Green Factor in our Business Practices

TheEarlier this month, EarthColor was awarded the Sustainability Award at the New Jersey Manufacturing Awards. As a company, we were all very happy that we received this award and appreciated the recognition we received for our efforts.

While we were grateful, the truth is EarthColor doesn’t do this for the accolades –this is just a part of our business strategy. Yes, it’s true; we’ve implemented six core principles that we apply throughout all our processes. You can take a look at the six core principles that guide our business practices here.

We’ve adopted innovative technologies with extended capabilities that help us maintain a renewable energy management plan, minimize airborne emissions, and support our on-site real-time greenhouse gas sequestration. Our efforts have led us to become tri-certified in international forestry standards.

In addition, EarthColor has partnered with non-profit organizations, like Canopy and Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED), for their efforts in developing environment-friendly printing policies and supporting the sustainable use of natural resources.

You see, we take this initiative because the way we see it, if we’re leading the efforts then we’re not only doing our part in the movement but we’re also educating and sharing knowledge about sustainability.

We pride ourselves in being a leader for our sustainability efforts –but also pride ourselves in being able to help our clients achieve the maximum savings while reducing their carbon footprint and supporting their sustainability initiatives.

We document and
monitor our environmental footprint through a matrix of data tracking energy
usage. And we have an Earth Savings Estimator to give you the opportunity to see how we can help you save.

Join the movement and start your sustainability practices today.



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