EarthColor’s Offering in a World of Digital Technology

As so many online mediums and channels become available with constant streams of instantaneous information, it’s no wonder businesses want to invest their time in digital campaigns. Nowadays people are glued to their phones, tablets, and/or computers and are now accustomed to receiving information through technology within the various mediums and apps they have downloaded.

How about placing a tangible item in their hands that is not in any app or device? And we’re not just talking about your typical marketing material, we’re talking about a captivating, customized, and personalized piece of collateral that does the same effect as that online ad, email, website, social media post or online campaign you’ve created. Yes it is possible and yes, it is just as effective.

What does EarthColor have to offer in the world of digital technology? Innovative and state-of-the-art printing capabilities that capture your audience just like your online campaigns do. This places your print campaigns at the same level as your digital campaigns, enabling you to reach your audience through nearly every available channel possible.

With various capabilities at hand, you can choose enhancements that not only capture a customer’s attention, but also impress them and keep them interested in your business. That way when they view your brand, they not only see a reliable business, but also someone who cares about the quality of their print materials.

scodixEarthColor has a digital printing division that offers various integrated products and services providing innovative marketing communications. We also offer Inline Imaging, which enables variable data digital printing with one machine and in a single operation. This printing machine can create spine glue binding, saddlestitch, and incorporate a catalog within a mailer. Additionally, EarthColor has added Scodix, a printer that enables you to add a digital enhancement that provides texture to your print materials.

With EarthColor, your ideal, effective print collateral is possible. Contact EarthColor today to learn how we can help land captivating marketing material in the hands of your audience and at the same time build a lasting impression of your brand.

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