Old Dog, New Tricks: Print Collateral and Social Media

Print and social media—one considered the old, the other new. But the bond they share is often overlooked. Whether its TV, online publications or social media, print is there. It’s the grandfather—who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Your print collateral can actually drive your social media efforts.

When someone receives your print piece in the mail, they should want to learn more—but where can they learn more? Your print collateral is valuable real estate and should drive the reader to action—not leave them waiting for another piece to come in the mail. By asking people to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc., it calls them to action.

Social media platforms are the perfect venue to provide more information in real time—this sets the stage for interaction and engagement. People want to talk about your product and ask questions; this is something they couldn’t do with your print collateral. But because of it, they know where to go in order to engage with you on social media. Social media gives you real time—you used to only be as good as your last print piece, now it’s your latest post.

The engagement you receive from social media, which you receive from print collateral, is invaluable. You have a better insight on what your audience wants and needs. You also capture more people and get involved in your online efforts.

Final note: We put print in the backseat—it should be upfront, right beside social media.


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