Sustainability: Beyond the Break Room and into the Printing Press

Toss a can into appropriate bin: check. Throw paper products into appropriate bin: check. We get it. Recycle. Keep the world green. One of the things I really appreciate about the company I work for is that it takes recycling—and sustainability—to a whole new level. Considering that many consider the print universe wasteful, it’s a nice feeling to work for a company that cares.

More than just tossing cans in the green bin, EarthColor incorporates sustainability into the very work we do—not only for our sake, but for our clients’ sake as well. Check out how we reduced our clients’ environmental footprint last year.

Our sustainability efforts are also based on six principles that illustrate our commitment to the trees, natural resources, etc. and how the choices we make in the workplace affect the very world we live in. Random facts: we have waterless printing capabilities AND we recycle 98% of our manufacturing waste. Check out our other efforts here.

I think sustainable practices like those we have here can work wonders for other companies in the industry. If companies haven’t adopted sustainability within their work processes already, doing so can definitely help print’s reputation in the industry. Sustainability manifests itself in what you do and how you do it.

Check out our Earth Savings Calculator and measure your projects potential environmental savings.

Thoughts, questions or ideas? We’d love to hear them.

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