EarthColor Winner in 2012 Ancient Forest Friendly™ Awards

Parsippany, NJ, December 6, 2012 – EarthColor is proud to be recognized as a winner in the 2012 Ancient Forest Friendly™ Awards in the Best In Class for printers over 25,000+ short tons category.

The 2012 Ancient Forest Friendly™ Award winners stand out among the hundreds of leading North American brands striving to improve their environmental performance by taking concrete action to reduce their environmental footprint and impacts. All winners completed a rigorous survey and evaluation process designed to ensure the Ancient Forest Friendly™ Award provide a true measure of the action companies are undertaking to improve their environmental standards and advance forest conservation.

EarthColor and Canopy have been collaborating since 2009 and our partnership has served to actively promote and assist in responsible resource procurement in the print and paper industry. With Canopy’s guidance, we have established an Ancient Forest Stewardship Policy, which supports the protection of ancient and endangered forests. Also, we have been actively involved in providing third-party knowledge and expertise to assist in the development of comprehensive forest resource policies among printers.  In 2012, EarthColor’s partnership with Canopy was recognized by the “WhatTheyThink Environmental Innovation Award for Environmental Sustainability and Your Community”.

“Working with Canopy has been a vital part of developing our program and insuring that we have a balanced perspective when considering financial, environmental and social Issues. The support of Canopy has been invaluable in broadening our perspective and advancement,” says Sustainability Director David Podmayersky.

Canopy is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to the protection of the world’s forests, species and climate. They believe collaboration is the key to success and work with more than 700 companies to develop and implement paper procurement policies that meet business needs and enhance brand reputation by supporting protection for ancient and endangered forests. Canopy works with printers in particular to develop forest conservation and paper procurement policies that maximize and measure results.

More information and details about The 2012 Ancient Forest Friendly™ Awards can be found on Canopy’s website at

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